Luis Seoane. Homenaje a la Torre de Hércules 60th Anniversary of Its Publication

Artistas Luis Seoane

Luis Seoane’s Homenaje a la Torre de Hércules was named in 1945 by two important institutions –the Pierpont Morgan Library and the American Institute of Graphic Arts– as one of the best illustrated books of the 1935-1945 decade along with Buffon’s Natural History illustrated by Pablo Picasso. This exhibition celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of this book by unveiling the original drawings by Seoane, accompanied by a copy of Buffon’s Natural History, on a special loan from Malaga’s Pablo Picasso Museum. The exhibition also displays fifteen books that were part of the 1945 selection along with Seoane’s; documents showing the historical context of that decade, and a video-art piece by artists Juan Lesta and Belén Montero.

Artists: Luis Seoane

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