Luis Seoane

The will to give back the lost dignity to the Galician art and thought

Luis Seoane’s life and intellectual journey was not so much an effort towards producing a vast and coherent body of work as it was about his determination to give Galician art and thought the dignity they had lost due to years of isolation and underdevelopment: his creativity had a passionate commitment to the time he lived in.

Luis Seoane’s life (Buenos Aires, 1910 – A Coruña, 1979) was a long journey through the 20th century. He was a student during the Primo de Rivera dictatopship, he was an activist in the Republic, he fled Spain in 1936 and became an organiser and promoter of cultural life in exile, he travelled the world and was alert to the multiple narratives that were emerging around him. Seoane was a first-hand witness to this turbulent, troubled century.

His vast and diverse work, his open-mindedness, his projects all make him one of the most relevant figures of 20th-century Galician and Spanish culture, which he helped to build with his efforts, his talent and his commitment.

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Oil Paintings

The collection of the Luis Seoane Foundation is in the process of being digitized.

Oil Paintings

Information, consultation and loans of works

If you wish to obtain information about a work, to make a consultation or to apply for a loan, please send us a request.

The pieces that make up the collection on display have been carefully selected from the foundation archives, each of them a perfect example of the themes, techniques, formats and art practices with which Seoane built his own creative universe. The main purpose of the exhibition is to educate. It is suitable for those visitors that already know and admire his work –offering them a chance to rediscover pieces like the magnificent portrait of British actor Robert Atkins, dressed as his character of Caliban from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, that Seoane painted in 1949 during his London stay–, and for those that have only known Seoane as a painter and printmaker but are unaware of his other work, like his tapestries, book design or murals.