There is Only Drawing. Pedro Calapez

Curators Filipa Oliveira

The starting point for the Pedro Calapez exhibition at the Fundación Luis Seoane is a quote by American sculptor Richard Serra. The show has compiled a number of Calapez’s most recent works where he uses drawing to explore the relationship between the limits of the artwork and its surroundings, between the space that the piece occupies and what that space contains. That relationship has been depicted in the pieces that make up the exhibition; especially in those which start from a unit (a drawing, a painting, an aluminium sheet) and then multiply until they create a mural, thus blurring the edges of the piece and transforming the halls into areas where one can perceive what is specific, an isolated element, and then spread out onto what is general, the piece as a whole, drawing the eyes of the audience towards the space it occupies within the surrounding architecture.

Drawing takes up a central place in Pedro Calapez’s art, not only as a field for artistic intervention, but as a tool of reflection; the place where the observation of the world, memory and thought converge, the world interpreted through drawing.