Seoane, Sources and Ressources

Curators Silvia Longueira Castro

Camiño de Seoane is a new series of exhibitions with which the Fundación Luis Seoane aims to build, over the next three years, a research framework on the life and the work of Luis Seoane. Artists, curators, writers and historians will take part, and their work will serve to produce the artist’s catalogue raisonné.

The Fundación Luis Seoane is almost sixteen years old, and during this time much work and research have been conducted within the foundation, with the collaboration of other institutions and professionals like Valeriano Bozal, Victoria Carballo Calero, Maria Luisa Sobrino, Ramón Villares, Xosé Díaz, José Manuel López Vázquez, Rodrigo Gutierrez Viñuales, Maria Antonia Pérez, Xavier Seoane, Xosé Luis Axeitos, and many others. They were able to compile a research corpus that is the basis of the knowledge about Seoane and his work. The work that the Fundación has done on the archives and the programme of learning activities that has been developed have allowed researchers and the general public to become better acquainted with Luis Seoane from different perspectives.

Seoane, fontes e recursos (Seoane, Sources and Ressources) is the name of the exhibition curated by Silvia Longueira which is the first installment of this new series. It will offer 28 oil paintings created by Luis Seoane between 1945 and 1958. The purpose of the show and the years selected arise from the idea of analysing the creative and historical reality of Luis Seoane based on the periods of time that marked his art and his thinking, and thus his life. The reason why the oil paintings are the central element is that they were Luis Seoane’s most thought-out pieces, where the artist’s presence is more evident, where he poured the knowledge and technical skills he learnt when working with other media. Seoane, fontes e recursos has four blocks: women, rural Galicia, the war, and the landscape. The exhibition includes the screening of the documentary Isaac by Xosé Abad.

Artists: Luis Seoane