Seoane Illustrates Alberti. Concerning the Angels


Between 1961 and 1962, Gonzalo Losada published a series of carefully crafted books containing the works of great Spanish-language poets like Alberti, Lorca, Unamuno and Neruda and woodcuts illustrations by Luis Seoane. One of those books was Rafael Alberti’s collection of surrealist poems Sobre los ángeles (Concerning the Angels), which had been first published in 1929. The proofs of the 1962 edition of the book have a prominent place in the exhibition. The relationship between Seoane and Alberti began when they met in exile in Argentina in the 40s. Their friendship led to a series of collaborations: Seoane created the illustrations for the book of poems El ceñidor de Venus desceñido, published by Botella al Mar, and the woodcuts for ¡Eh, los toros! , published by Emecé Editores; and in turn Alberti submitted a poem for Seoane’s illustrated book Campesinos. The exhibition includes a selection of pieces by Seoane that have angels as their main subject.