Seoane and the Avant-garde His Mentors, His Friends

Curators María Luisa Sobrino Manzanares

The inaugural exhibition of the Fundación Luis Seoane at its new location was envisioned as an opportunity to offer more context about the people who inspired and influenced Luis Seoane. It does so by showing the works of nine artists with whom Seoane shared a creative or personal affinity. The exhibition has been curated by María Luisa Sobrino Manzanares, an art historian and an expert on Galician contemporary art. Seoane and the Avant-garde. His Mentors, His Friends delves into the connection between the styles of the creators included in the exhibition and Seoane’s search for new forms of expression.

Artists: Francisco Bores, Óscar Domínguez, Fernand Léger, Carlos Maside, Maruja Mallo, Henri Matisse, Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Pablo Picasso and Joaquín Torres-García