Sandra Cinto. In Silence

Curators David Barro

En silencio (In Silence) is a site-specific installation by Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto. She has recreated an office, a place from which the creator is absent, which evokes the hardness and the vacuity of the act of creation through the presence of a table, and in front of it the artist has placed a cello on a pile of books; the scene dominated by a mountain of paper, the remains of unfinished sheet music reminding us of the suffering caused by the repetitive efforts of the creator, who is invoked as a sort of involuntary Sisiphus who is unable to overcome his self-imposed sacrifice. As in Cinto’s other work, drawing serves as a common thread. It connects the delicate lines that cover the wood of which the musical instrument is made of with the staves drawn on the sheets that are gradually piling up on the floor, and with other very large ones that cover the walls. The chromatic neutrality of the project, and the static nature that permeates this depiction of the notion of creation give off a sense of perplexity, and at the same time cause the loss of time and spatial references, thus accentuating the dreamlike and unreal nature of the installation.

En silencio is a collaboration between A Coruña’s Fundación Luis Seoane and Madrid’s Matadero.