Paulo Bruscky. Etceterarte

Curators Jorge Blasco, Silvia Longueira

The Fundación Luis Seoane will host from June through November the first retrospective of Paulo Bruscky’s work (Recife, Brazil, 1949) to be shown in Spain. The exhibition, which has been curated by Jorge Blasco and Silvia Longueira, is a compilation of more than 200 pieces created by the Brazilian artist over nearly five decades.

In the beginnining of his career, Bruscky was linked to Fluxus. He started working in the sixties, during the military dictatorship. This dark period of Brazilian history left a mark on him as a person and as an artist. Many of the features that would come to define his art were already there by then, like using the media to disseminate his work, which allowed him to evade the control of the government and to contact other artists from outside Brazil. It is in this context that Bruscky organised Brazil’s first mail art exhibition in 1976, which would be shut down by the authorities. He continues to use mail art nowadays as a means to express his creativity, as well as artist’s books, xerox art, collage, photography, postcards, classified ads, visual poetry, performance, video art, sound art or film; always working out of his home town, Recife, where he reflects on the historical, political and social matters that catch his interest.

The project now on view at the Fundación Luis Seoane has been in the making for two years in collaboration with the artist. It is based on the categories that Bruscky has for his art: Classified Art, Mail Art, Artists Found and Appropriated, Bank of Ideas, Bruscky Invents, Homages, Artist’s Books, Poetic Objects, Visual Poetry, Repropostaçoes, Stickers, Installations, Video Art and Sound Art.

Paulo Bruscky. Etceterarte will run until 18 Nov.