Models of Intent Still Lifes and Landscapes by Luis Seoane (from the Collection)


The exhibition Modelos de intención (Models of Intent) is displaying for the first time all of Luis Seoane’s still lifes and landscapes that belong to the foundation’s collection, and two pieces –Dos alcachofas (1963) and Castro y nubes naranja (1975)– which were not included in the first batch of works donated by the painter’s widow, Maruxa Fernández, but were added to the collection after her passing, and are now being exhibited for the first time. The show is a display of fifty oil paintings in different formats. The tour begins in 1946 with La botella de anís escarchado and ends in the seventies with Cielo gris and Nube negra y pradera, both from 1975. It is an absolute lesson on how Seoane took two traditional subjects, like landscapes and still lifes, and filtered them through the European Avant-garde movements, thus starting a conversation with the painting that allowed him to experiment freely.