Mirarte. Luis Seoane


With Mirarte. Luis Seoane the Fundación Luis Seoane is launching a project whose goal is to bring to light over the next three years the most relevant pieces that belong to the official collection in a series of exhibitions on Seoane’s work: paintings, prints, and illustrations. At the same time, it will implement an ambitious learning programme for students of all ages led by a team of art historians, which will include the publication of teaching materials for the first time – a guide for teachers and a book for students–. During its inaugural run, the project will focus on Seoane’s paintings, starting off with the beginning of his career as an artist and his search for his own personal style, to then study his maturity as a painter and other topics such as the influence that the avant-garde movements had on his work, or the recurring themes and subjects of his pieces, focusing especially on the tributes that he paid to other artists like Léger, Goya or Durer. It comprises a total of forty-two pieces that give us the whole picture of his painting from the late forties to the seventies. They include the first landscapes he painted in Argentina, his studies of the female form, his portraits, the experimentation with abstraction, the political statements, the traditional Galician themes, etc. Luis Seoane. Mirarte will be on display the rest of the year at the Fundación.

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