Luis Seoane, publisher Nova. Bos Aires 1942-1947

Curators María Antonia Pérez Rodríguez

Luis Seoane, editor (Luis Seoane, publisher) has been curated by María Antonia Pérez Rodríguez, a professor at the A Coruña University. The exhibition tells the story of Nova, the first of the many publishing houses founded by Luis Seoane when he was living in exile in Buenos Aires. He established it alongside his friend and colleague Arturo Cuadrado in 1942.

Nova was born in the same year that Seoane and Cuadrado left Emecé Editores. Its mission at first was to promote a wider knowledge of Galician culture. Afterwards, it widened its scope to include the different cultures of Latin America, the big names of literature and philosophy, and even science topics. The story of Nova is a journey through the political engagement, the effort and the determination of a group of exiles to maintain the cultural events that were taking place in Galicia and in Spain prior to the outbreak of the Civil War. It is also an opportunity to learn more about Seoane as a publisher, typographer, illustrator and graphic designer.

The exhibition has compiled the books published by Nova, as well as a series of oil paintings, drawings and prints by Luis Seoane that, together with the documentary Editorial Nova: Seoane, editor no exilio, directed by Gonzalo Enríquez Veloso, make it possible to trace the influence that his work for Nova had on his art.