Luis Seoane. A Sideways Portrait

Curators David Barro

Luis Seoane is, for many, the most relevant figure of 20th-century Galician culture, at least in the arts. This exhibition is a collaboration between the Fundación Luis Seoane and Vigo’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO). Its purpose is to show Seoane’s voice in his multiple roles: a complex and diverse creator, a socially-aware thinker, a painter, illustrator, printmaker, muralist, graphic and industrial designer, stage designer, poet, writer, scriptwriter, essayist, printed media and radio communicator, art critic and theorist… His career makes him the most multifaceted figure of 20th-century Galician culture. This exhibition shows the eloquence of the colours in his paintings and tapestries, the extraordinary sensitivity of his illustrations, and his printmaking and mural painting skills –on display in sketches and pictures–, as well as his immense work in publising, where he spearheaded book collections and designed magazines, he illustrated covers and worked as a publisher. The exhibition highlights the role he played in developing the publishing industry in Argentina, with Galician culture permanently on his mind.

Luis Seoane. Retrato de esguello (Luis  Seoane. A Sideways Portrait) gives visitors a detailed analysis of the artist’s legacy within the international art context from his days to the present. The exhibition is a dialogue with the permanent collection on display at the foundation, and with the exhibition which is currently on view on the ground floor about the artist’s link to Carlos Maside. It covers his whole career, more than fifty years and over 200 pieces: paintings, illustrations, woodcuts, watercolours, tapestries, advertising posters, sketches for murals, pottery designs, books and print media. It is a true celebration of culture within the context of the 20th anniversary of the Fundación Luis Seoane (1996-2016).