How Soon Is Now?

Curators Pablo Fanego

In How Soon is Now? a group of international artists gathered together for a project whose premise was the undeniable decline of idealism among the younger generation, and the attempt by contemporary creators to find a sort of «third way» that is able to reconcile art and life. The political and social transformations of the last decades of the past century and the subsequent irrelevance of the dichotomies that were at the basis of the evolution of the modern project –public vs. private, high culture vs. low culture, form vs. content– gave rise to some sort of «nontransition» where artists were forced to think about the meaning of their work and the public and political role of art. This show seeks to offer a collection of pieces which have the ability to introduce new scenarios and reformulate the ability of art to create temporary autonomous zones. The pieces included in How Soon Is Now? aim to make us reflect on the antagonisms and frictions of contemporary societies but also to try to imagine models for the future.