Escóitasme? Una exposición del Laboratorio Seoane [Can you hear me? A Seoane Lab Exhibition]


Escóitasme? Una exposición del Laboratorio Seoane [Can you hear me? A Seoane Lab Exhibition] is a compilation of the experiences that happened in the Luis Seoane Foundation learning programme Laboratorio Escóitasme? The lab was an online project for kids and their families that took place during the lockdown. Over a period of ten weeks, more than twenty artists and creators interacted with the participants and gave them a a challenge, a task that had to do either with their own body of work or with Seoane’s.

A selection of artworks by the Galician artist is the common thread, but the exhibition also includes each one of those challenges and the works that they inspired, a journal featuring the main news published during the lockdown and a skyline of palabros –made-up words that the participants coined in lockdown– that serve to connect the different parts of the exhibition.

The María José Jove Foundation has agreed to collaborate with this project by including a tour of Luis Seoane’s work in their programme of school visits, which will focus on three original pieces by the artist: Bodegón [Still Life], 1969; Mulleres [Women], 1959; Pulpo y jarra [Octopus and Pitcher], 1961. The visits will educate attendants on artistic languages; international, Spanish and Galician avant-garde movements; and they will also help to put Seoane’s pieces in context. Each tour has been designed to start at one of the foundations and then carry on at the other, with the artworks by Seoane that belong to the María José Jove Foundation collection as a link between the two.

Both institutions will work together to publish an instructional guide on the works by Luis Seoane that are on display in the exhibition. This collaboration will allow visitors to take part in a dialogic learning experience between the Luis Seoane Foundation and the María José Jove Foundation.

Alerta en el Orzán
Alerta en el Orzán [Orzan Alert] by José Luis Ducid is a project born as a series of writings that the author would send to his friends every day, in which the main character mused on his circumstances during the lockdown. Shortly afterwards, the project added illustrations by Álvaro Dorda, collages by Inés Taboada Vizcaíno, drawings by David Carballal, videos by Pablo Rega and even photographs taken by the writer’s mother. The exhibition will also include original material from this work, which is soon going to be published thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. José Luis Ducid was one of the guest artists that took part in Laboratorio Escóitasme?

Additional Activities
The exhibition will offer learning activities that copy the original structure that Laboratorio Escóitasme? had during the lockdown. Based on the Luis Seoane pieces loaned by the María José Jove Foundation, the participants will be given new challenges within the programme of guided tours that both institutions have planned together.
The exhibition is open at the Luis Seoane Foundation until March 21, 2021.