Buenos Aires. A backdrop for Luis Seoane’s Work

Curators Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales

The purpose of this exhibition is to show the connection between Luis Seoane and Buenos Aires, the city where he produced most of his work, where he spearheaded numerous cultural projects, and where he reached his maturity as an artist and as a person. The curator of the exhibition, Rodrigo Gutiérrez Viñuales, an Art History professor at the University of Granada, based his work on art reviews and other printed materials on the subject, letters exchanged between Seoane and his friends and fellow artists, some of his writings, and his life journey. Seoane shares the spotlight with Buenos Aires in this exhibition that gives us a view of the city’s society and culture in the years that the Galician artist lived there. It offers an account of the political situation in Argentina, the capital’s architectural and urban evolution, the artistic circle that surrounded the artist, and the mark he left on the city thanks to his many mural paintings that are still visible on the streets, on public and private buildings, etc. To round out the exhibition, there is a selection of important Argentine artists who were contemporaries of Seoane; and a section with photographs, among them the excellent pictures taken by Argentine photographer and filmmaker Horacio Coppola.