Angela de la Cruz. Debris

Curators Carolina Grau
Coordination Susana González (Consultarte)

The presence of Angela de la Cruz’s pieces at the Fundación Luis Seoane is in response to the need for an institution in her home town to host her work. It constitutes an important event for the Spanish art world and for the international contemporary art scene. Angela de la Cruz. Escombros is a selection of sixteen pieces that the artist produced between 2009 and 2014, some of which have not been seen before in Spain. The show has been curated by Carolina Grau for the Fundación Luis Seoane. The name of the exhibition, Angela de la Cruz. Escombros, comes from the name of one of the pieces never before exhibited in Spain, Debris (2012), an allusion to the garbage and the waste that float in the ocean and litter the shore. Those pieces of garbage are closely linked to natural disasters –one of the recurring themes in her work–, and more specifically, to the December 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand and the effect it had on her, and to the pictures of the trash and the rubble that followed the catastrophe. Debris, like the rest of her work, clearly shows the visual language that De la Cruz likes to use to explore the relationship between painting and sculpture, thanks to the tight connection between the elements that make up the pieces and their names, and to how important colour is to the artist. The works in Escombros have all been done using only two colours, white and brown. This has allowed the artist to establish a dialogue between her art and the building that houses the Foundation; and the core idea behind the exhibition: those objects that emerge after being transformed from the stagnant water and the mud, after the disaster.