A Tribute to the Cities and Places of Luis Seoane


This is the first exhibition of 2011 of pieces from the Fundación Luis Seoane collection. It focuses on an unknown side of Luis Seoane’s work, and a recurring theme throughout his career: the influence of the natural and urban landscapes on his creativity, which he depicted in oil paintings, woodcuts, illustrations, posters… Homenaxe a cidades e outros lugares de Luis Seoane (A Tribute to the Cities and Places of Luis Seoane) offers a selection of nearly 50 pieces that portray –sometimes realistically, sometimes evocatively– some of the places that the artist got to see: Galicia, Buenos Aires, Venice, Geneva, London, Paris, Montevideo, Bonn… Seoane used his travels as inspiration for his work; he depicted what he saw in sketches, watercolours, woodcuts, paintings, etc. The results are now on display at this exhibition, alongside photographs and slides –many of them taken by Seone himself– and other documents which had never been displayed before.

A catalogue will be published following the exhibition, with short essays by Juan Manuel Bonet, Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego, Xosé Díaz and Ramón Villares.

Artists: Luis Seoane